Essay on smog and its effects

essay on smog and its effects

sunshine. Many people who are trying to create plans that can help bring this planet back to a healthier state. There is just one problem with that, and that is the sun. For example, places like California, Florida, and Arizona and even North America are some of the most polluted places in the country (Oblack). London, England, three episodes during which heavy fogs and air pollution were associated resulted in the death of nearly 5,000 people in 1948, 19The episode in December of 1952 alone, resulted in at least 3,000 deaths more than expected for that time of year. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Nitrogen oxides are produced when fossil fuels are burned courage essays for to kill a mockingbird in motor vehicles, power plants, furnaces and turbines. The onset of the illness for most persons occurred on the evening of the third day. Many people dont understand that sunlight and warm climates cause pollution. While no evidence has been found to deter-ine the levels of smoking or other contributing factors that could have affected their health, these youths appear to have provided the first positive proof of health damage from long-term exposure to poor air quality. It was a serious problem before, before nature and humans went unharmed in the presence of smog but now its serious. Since the 1950s, medical evidence chronicling the effects of air pollution on the human body has continued to mountThe study found that 98 of the four-county basins population of 13 million is exposed to unhealthful air, with children especially vulnerable.

The ground level ozone is made by the emissions of automobiles that put nitrogen oxide into the air, which is caused by the vehicles exhaust fumes (Oblack). The term smog pollution is also known as photochemical smog. This is caused by strong sunlight that burns the earths surface.

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Cause And Effects Of Smog Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay. Symptoms were primarily respiratory and secondarily gastrointestinal, and included cough, sore throat, chest constriction, shortness of breath, eye irritation, nausea and vomiting. But one thing is certain: Smog is harmful to your health. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Results what is a critical thinker essay of the study suggest a relationship between long term exposure to air pollution and the development of specific chronic diseases. The lead scientist on the project. Early efforts to study the health effects of exposure to air pollution focused on acute exposure episodes. We need a plan and we need to put a stop to smog pollution. The study concluded that exposure of humans to low levels of ozone is sufficient to cause an inflammatory reaction in the lungs. Smog pollution has many causes that can be hazardous and dangerous to our health and well being. "causes and effects of smog.".