Essay about swimming activity

essay about swimming activity

an extracurricular activity rather than an experience. Many recreation centers contain pools as well as residential owners for private use. Swimming is viewed as a sport or as recreation. The three other styles are the backstroke, the breaststroke, which is commonly called as frog style, and the butterfly. The American swimmers are the highest medal takers at the Olympics. A tumble turn Preperation/ practice swimming and somersaulting in the middle of the pool before you approach the wall try this a few times until you are confident Action/Maintain speed approaching the wall keep arms at sides after the last two strokes. Recovery/During streamline, use core strength to rotate upper torso then lower torso to return facing the bottom of the pool.

essay about swimming activity

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Besides this, swimming is also a recreational activity to have with friends and when it's hot outside.
Short Essay on Swimming.
Swimming for fitness is an activity which offers health benefits for a lifetime and is well worth the effort it takes to get into the pool.

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