Day of the locust essay

day of the locust essay

it with emphasis on decadence as a special characteristic. He quickly loses them but encounters in succession a painted ocean liner, a papier-mache sphinx, a desert, a western saloon, a jungle, a Paris street, a Romanesque courtyard, a waterfall, a campy resort, and a Greek temple where the god of Eros "lay face downward. The novel emphasizes the spiritual and moral death of the city, symptomatic of the condition within the country as a whole. These locusts can be compared to the film industry in Hollywood which also exploits and slowly kills its people. A panic spread because this situation had not changed for years and its causes were not clear. Not surprisingly, the original title of the novel was The Cheated. The relationship is not based on real love but only consists of a kind of business arrangement. She becomes a phantom bride not only for Tod Hackett and Homer spanish essay writing vocab Simpson, the retired bookkeeper. Producers had already thought about turning Wests novel into a film in the early 1950s. One main character focused on throughout the novel is Tod Hackett, who West portrays as being superior to the fantasy observed around him. Those quick changes from reality to illusion are connected with the chaotic sounds of the riot.

The completion of this painting is Tods desire throughout the story. One point was that the satire does not translate onto the big screen. West brought an element of the demure into his writing that characterized both the economic and emotional depression that the 1929 crash had generated among many people in the nation throughout the 1930's.

day of the locust essay

Free Essay: The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West In The Day of the Locust, Tod. Hackett undergoes an internal development relative to his migration.

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When we immediately think of Hollywood, we think of a glamorous story, in the picturesque setting of Los Angeles, full of characters with abundance of talent living the much sought after American dream. Conclusion, bibliography: Modernism in, the Day of the Locust (1939) by Nathanael West,. Better Essays 2150 words (6.1 pages) - The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West In The Day of the Locust, Tod Hackett undergoes an internal development relative to his migration. The Use of Readymades and Clich├ęs.2. In such an artificial world, violence, superficiality, and hysteria rule and slowly destroy people who have stopped believing in such values as love or faith, but let themselves be deceived by the huge factory called Hollywood. It is even mentioned straightforward that those who have come to Hollywood have come to die. Although some of these characterizations are contradictory, they all fit because they reflect different facets of the author, or rather his work. tags: story and character analysis.