Essay my role model bill gates

essay my role model bill gates

: Kristi who was older and Libby who was younger than Bill and Kristi. This person is very important to me because he is one of the reasons technology are so great and since I use at least one piece of technology every day of the year. This new idea will implement programs such as performance-based scholarship, business-college partnerships and rapid remediation (Wallis, 2008). The reason my hero is Bill Gates and not some one like Steve Jobs, whose products I use more often, is because he has given so much away to charity and is so generous. Gates and his friends. Asking this off the nation and global billionaires is the brainchild of Gates and Buffett. He has made an impact at home and abroad with the creating of his charity.

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As a young boy at the age of twelve Gates attended public school before attending Lakeside Preparatory School. One day he called up the company that was making these first computers and said he had a program for it, although really he didn't. He had one older sister and one younger one. Buffet, who intends on leaving part of his estate to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Five drug manufacturers have joined the cause, providing the vaccine at 13 cents versus.5 cents (Gates, 2011). This money put towards providing the citizens of America the proper, most effective and efficient educational system to date. Bill Gates Foundation is also focusing a large portion of the money in Education.0. And his mom was show more content, bill Gates Bill Gates is one of the most influential, famous men in the world. His social-ethical maturity makes him a prime candidate to bring to the forefront the major contributions of reflection and experience (uopx Writer Network 2010). During the last decades of the twentieth century, software entrepreneur Bill Gates and his company Microsoft have changed the worlds attitude toward the personal computer.