The salem witch trails essay

the salem witch trails essay

'Religiously Unorthodox'. The town of Salem is where most of the trials occurred, and practicing witchcraft, and our American government forced over a dozen citizens to pay with their lives. Show More, the Salem witch trials transpired in the late 1600s and caused uncertainty and controversy throughout the society. The Puritans dismissed the concept of free will, but during their lifetime, a Puritan could search for clues as to the fate of their soul by performing good works, praying, and attending church services. Yet this emphasis on individual interpretation of God's word inevitably led to tensions, and even rebellions, within the Puritans' strict hierarchical societies.

The Salem Witch Trials Essay Bartleby

the salem witch trails essay

The puritans believed in predestination, they explained that all humans pledged by the agreement of works to obey the divine law and condemned for failure to adhere the law. A wave of hysteria spread throughout Massachusetts, and a special court place was set up to hear the cases. Some believed that Sarah Good was accused of witchcraft, like many others, because she was considered "socially undesirable". Many accusations occurred after the first warrant. The trials began during the spring of 1692, after a group of adolescent girls claimed to be possessed by the devil and they accused several local women of witchcraft. Sarah Osbourne was released but Tituba and Sarah Good were both put in jail until someone paid Tituba's jail bill, she was released and never seen again, while Sarah was sentenced to death. M, (December 31, 1969).

Many years later this so-called civil code of the Inquisition was made law and so show more content "With all of the talking the girls did of this so called 'natural magic' they were finally accused of heresy and proclaimed the 'witches' of Salem Village". APA, mLA, chicago, causes of Salem Witch Trials. On April 18th 1692, Bridget Bishop was accused of witchcraft, most likely because she was known to be a very strong, argumentative woman with quite a sharp tongue. Even the people predestined for salvation could not escape the tradition of divine law. This belief revolved around believing in demons and evils spirits in order to confirm the belief. In the beginning, before the trials ever began or were even thought of was something every witch is greatly aware of, The Inquisition. Faith was significant to the Puritan experience, and the source from which all other traits of their society and values emerged. People would claim that others were witches because they weren't attractive or because they had a fight with them or for any number of reasons that showed no evidence of being a witch. m, ml (accessed October 08, 2018). These girls were questioned and eventually released after they had all accused two different girls, Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne, of being the perpetrators of their so-called "bewitchment along with Tituba. Puritans encouraged their members to read and interpret the Bible for themselves.

the salem witch trails essay

Salem faced a major change as a result of the Puritan ambition. Free Essay: The Salem Witch Hysteria Hundreds of years ago something, that. The Salem Witch Trials were a prime part of American history during the early. The Salem Witch Trials was much more than just America s history, it s als o part of the history of women.

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