Acls mellon dissertation

acls mellon dissertation

posting on here! The people that I've known that had to choose between the two went with Newcombe and I'd be interested in knowing why this is the case. (History) Found out I was not a finalist 2/1. Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Edit Received request for address (Tokyo headquarters) 3/8 Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program Edit Anyone apply or hear anything yet? The deadline to submit completed applications for this fellowship is 9 pm, Eastern Daylight Time, October 24, 2018. The fellow will be expected to provide the Center with fresh perspectives, to play a role in Center activities, and to give a public talk during the stay. I was told by faculty that great proposals get reject off the bat, and very mediocre ones can get through, simply based on the single reviewer.

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(1/25) No news on my end or for anyone I know. That information wasn't provided. I emailed last week to ask if they had an idea of when notifications would be sent, but they haven't responded to that either. What is your deadline to accept? Got WG acceptance letter (post-marked 4/27). 2 Does anyone know if they send all of the what is an abstract page for an essay rejections at the same time? (May 17) Acceptance email on May. Rejection email 4/14 11:45 EST. The fellowship may be carried out in residence at the fellows home institution, abroad, or at another appropriate site for the research. E-mail says that official offer letter will be mailed next week.

According to a Fulbright Commissioner, they haven't even recieved the applications for final approval in the host countries. 4/14 - Still no news! (2/22/17) They narrowed about 350 applications down. Everyone else hasn't gotten any word. (4/24) Has anyone heard anything, rejections or alternates? If we got it, we shouldn't hear anything else until the official decision letter comes in the mail. Award must be accepted by August 31st.