Trifles irony essay

trifles irony essay

who is the sheriff along with his wife, as well as neighbors. It is also ironic because the women find little trifles that the men just deem as unimportant, which ironically solves the case. Mr Lensher headed the group of security guards in the company. Glaspells play, Trifles, main goal is portraying a theme of women being oppressed through marriage by the use of symbolism through a canary and a bird cage. Glaspell structured the play, so that the women and men would think that the womens findings would be such small trifles, but in actuality were the clues to solving the case.

trifles irony essay

He was found hanged in his house; while his wife, Mrs.
Wright, is questioned by the police she does.
The Irony in "Trifles ".

This making the women seem even more insignificant and useless in dealing with the case. Wrights sewing basket while they are searching for materials for the quilt. While the investigators were looking for solid evidence the two women were aiding Mrs. Glaspell use of the cage has significance in the play and supports the underlying main goal that women are.

How they are forced to follow. It is also interesting that the discoveries were all found inside of when was the hardy weinberg principle created essay the kitchen where the men tend to go very little throughout the play, but also just in general. The single Minnie used to be lively. Trifles Research Paper.Shantifiney Franklin English 102 October 19, 2009 Critical Essay. The bird cage represents Mrs. They make fun, disregard and didn't pay attention to Mrs. The characters in the play are the sheriff, the county attorney, Hale, Mrs. When the women said how Mrs. He also shows this when he says, Heres a nice mess. The womens decision is the resolution and beginning of the falling action of the play. As he walks inside he finds her rocking in her chair, pleating an apron.

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