Constitution importance essay

constitution importance essay

precision of its language and its judicious mixture of definiteness in principle with. The constitution contains provisions relating to the powers and duties of government, the relations between government and people and the rights and duties of people. However, in case of United States, a constitution refers to the written document that lays out the structure and function of a federal government along with the Bill of Rights. The Preamble creates an implied limitation on the power of amendment. Consequently, amending power cannot be used so as to destroy or damage these basic features mentioned in the Preamble. These concepts bring the feeling of oneness to the people of India. Gilchrist says, the constitution consists of "that body of rules or laws, written or unwritten, which determine the organization of the government, the distribution of powers to various organs of the government and the general principle on which these powers are to be exercised. It was argued that Preamble cannot be amended as Preamble is not a part of the Constitution. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a constitution is established to restrict the abuse of power by those who conduct governmental functions. For instance, the constitution of India has inscribed in it the primary facets of the nation which are democracy, socialism, secularism and national integration. Then, there is a list of prohibitions both for the Central and the State governments. In a constitutional country therefore, every person is treated equally, regardless of his office or position and is expected to abide by higher law.

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constitution importance essay

Since the countrys constitution stands superior to all the laws framed within the territorial precincts of advantage and disadvantage of internet essay in urdu the country, any law enacted by the ruling government has to be in conformity with the concerned constitution. State of Kerala, AIR 1973, SC 1461, the Supreme Court has held the view that the Preamble is the part of the Constitution. Without a constitution, there will be anarchy in the state or country. It embodies the ideals which the framers of the Constitution wanted for the general purpose of the people in their best interests. It can also be deemed as the fundamental underlying framework of government for a nation. The preamble of a Constitution sets out the main objectives which the legislature seeks to secure for the people. It contains a brief and logical statement of their jurisdiction and powers. In our Constituent Assembly this twenty-sixth day of November, 1949 do hereby Adopt, Enact and Give to ourselves this Constitution. Democracy would be meaningless if it fails to generate the spirit of brotherhood among all sections of the society-the feeling that they are children of the same soil and of the same motherland.