Role of sanctuaries in protecting wild animals essay

role of sanctuaries in protecting wild animals essay

be protected. It is when a species of animal or plant is at very serious risk of extinction from the planet. This means not only protecting wildlife, but also the land and water sources they use in order to thrive. Their mission is to conserve and protect ecosystems and marine species, to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter, poaching, of wildlife in the worlds oceans by using direct action tactics to protect marine life.

role of sanctuaries in protecting wild animals essay

The role of private lands has now become an integral part of the solution, and private landholders with a concern for wildlife and habitat protection elements of an essay conclusion are in the unique and important position to make a very real contribution to conservation efforts across the country. Are animals released into the wild wherever possible? So for me, saving individual animals should always come second to saving species, which in turn comes second to protecting habitats. If not, why not (no suitable habitat would be a good short term reason)? Michael Strobel: 10 bottles of Emcelle Tocopherol, Vitamin. Today, under Eds leadership, paws operates three sanctuaries in California for captive wild and exotic animals, including the 2,300-acre ARK 2000 natural habitat refuge in San Andreas that is home to elephants, big cats and bears. Ceri Joseph: one. Yet just recently two zoos used terminology to suggest that middle-aged elephants were old. First and foremost, what is your long term plan? This, is the dream. Studies of wild elephants tell us that elephants are naturally active in mind and body for about 20 hours a day; they may sleep about four to five hours a night. This makes it is a misnomer to say they are aging or elderly." Small, unnatural enclosures that restrict the movement elephants naturally need and rigid surfaces like concrete and compressed soil contribute to deadly foot disease and arthritis the leading causes of death for elephants.

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