Essaywhuman the roots lyrics

essaywhuman the roots lyrics

on the base. So show us some freakin skill. Yo I know sis, Dog, her name Lorraine. An old head once said, "that's more power for the cocaine.

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essaywhuman the roots lyrics

Fucked up her money ain't accumulate that fast. Boom, dont lose the beat Your words. The jam, The name of this jam, We got to blah. Get increased divorce rates essay a taste, Of leonard, Bang! So don't be looking at Tariq strange. I'm the (Beat box rhyme displayer. Don't keep it to yourself! Niggas lookin for the time of their life, coppin a rush. Keep a nigga under the spell you under control. Essay whuman, Essay whuman, EssayWh-uman, Essay whuman. She put me on with her squad, I got cool with her.