Research paper of antibiotics

research paper of antibiotics

identify new strategy to control antibiotic resistance. If the antitoxin disrupted the chemical process, then the microbe cannot survive. There are three main dangerous reactions to the antibiotics are one is allergic reactions, two is the eradication of good microbes, and three is the damage of organs and tissues. In a body, there is sometimes some good microbes living near the bad ones. Sometimes, as a last resort a doctor may use such a drug as streptomycin, used to treat tuberculosis. Plant extracts were used for medicine for centuries and still used today as home remedies. It only kills the organisms that are growing and reproducing.

After him there was Robert Koch, who developed a method of isolating and growing bacteria. In this case, the doctor will usually prescribe a secondary drug to clear up this infection. Scientists tried developing drugs that could kill microbes, but they proved to be either dangerous or ineffective. Penicillin g types are effective against steptoccocci and some negative bacteria. Most doctors use antibiotics to help fight the germs in a patient. These cells then become immune to the antibiotic.

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